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I started a new blog HERE. I will update this one again soon. So much has happened since January that it’s a bit crazy, but one of those things is that P and I decided to forgo the local wedding and do a destination wedding. Hence the new blog. Check it out and spread the word. It’s sparse right now, but I’ll get it going. 


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12 in 2012: Part Two

Let’s discuss these goals and make some plans!

1. Pay off all credit card and family debt. 

Number one goal for the year is to finally get this all paid off. These amounts have been hovering on my account for as long as I can remember, and I’m 100% set to pay it all off and feel the weight lift off my shoulders. It’s go time, debt.

Current debt:
Visa – 1,048
Mastercard – 1,243
Various Family Members – 1,400
Grand Total – 3,691

Payments of $308/month.

2. Save up $2500 in Emergency Fund.

It’s important to me to have a substantial amount saved up in here to feel safe as I live the life of a post-grad working temp jobs in order to make ends meat. Everything about my life fluctuates and is uncertain and I want to feel more secure should anything happen. To me $2500 in a nice number to strive for. It would give me about two and a half month’s worth of expenses should anything happen.

Current fund: $837

Payments of $139/month.

3.  Fix my teeth. 

As I type this, my lower jaw is throbbing from the pressure of my wisdom teeth trying to make their way to the surface. Unfortunately, they are all on a tilt because my jaw is too small. So instead of poking above the gum line, they are ramming into my other teeth. Not a good thing after all the work my braces did years ago. So they need to be removed, stat. Unless I can get benefits within the next three months, I am going to have to pay out of pocket for the procedure. Painful for both my jaw and my wallet. The first step is to consult a dentist and get a price estimate though. I can’t see it being cheap.

The second part of this goal is to get cosmetic dentistry. This seems a bit frivolous compared to paying off debts and saving up cash, but it’s important to get it done this year as I have to get engagement photos done and I want to love them and my smile. I don’t want to get a quote on this until I get my wisdom teeth out though, just in case they get shifted around. Sad face.

4. Pay for a vacation in cash. 

The only vacation I have intentions for this year is a girl’s trip with my two maid of honors to a sunny destination. Sun and sand are a musts. They want to go to Jamaica but I want to go to the Bahamas. Regardless, I estimate the cost of the trip to be $1500 as that’s the max I’m willing to spend.

Savings of $125 a month.

5. Do something creative everyday.

Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, singing, dancing…I don’t care what it is, I just need to do it. After spending years taking art and music classes and going to art school to going to a creativity level of 0, well, it feels like I’ve lost potential. I want to pick up old hobbies, like drawing, and start new ones. There’s nothing really measurable about this goal, it’s just a matter of doing it.

6. Volunteer.

It’ll bring more meaning to my life, and help me determine what I want to do with it. Again, not measurable, but I’ll know if I’m completing the goal or not.

7. Do 12 things that scare me. 

One scary thing is already lined up for me: a trapeze and silk rope class. This is terrifying because 1) I’m scared of heights, 2) I will be relying on my body strength to do it which is nil at this point, and 3) did I mention I like my feet to be on the ground and not flying through the air? It’s funny that I was possessed to buy this class specifically because it would scare me.  How’s that for determination?

8. Choose a career path. 

Floating through life without any direction has become extremely tiring and so passe. I need direction, an end goal, a path to set myself on. I’m open to taking steps off the path at times, but I need that road to get me going in the first place.

9. Do something for my health everyday. 

Could be as simple as eating an extra portion of veggies. Could be going to the gym. Could be getting a physical from a doctor. I want to do something everyday to help maintain this body of mine as I haven’t been taking as good care of it as I know I can/should.

10. Read 30 books.

Enough said. I like them books.

11. Learn 12 new things. 

I haven’t decided yet what I want to learn. But again, this is pushing me outside of my comfort zone so that I can not only feel better about myself, but to take the time to put effort into my life. Learning something new can often be a challenge, something that I’ve been lacking for a while. Bring on the challenges.

12. Visit 5 new countries.

Travel is also on my Very Important Priorities list (VIP?). I don’t even have trips planned so I’m not sure how well I’ll accomplish this, but considering I kicked off the New Year while on a cruise, I think it might work out.

So there you have it folks! 12 goals for the next 12 months. Is it possible? Totally. Will I have to bust my ass to accomplish them? You know it! Will I feel amazing in the process? Absolutely! So let’s get to it.


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12 in 2012: Part One


Welcome back! It is a new year, with new goals and new aspirations. Or rather, a renewed sense of achieving old aspirations. I hope everyone is enjoying the start to the new year! My 2012 started off with me dolled up in a pretty lace dress and perfectly done make-up, accidentally fast asleep with P in a stateroom on a cruise ship. We woke up at 12:01 am exactly to realize we were missing the party. What a bunch of old farts.

Above are my 12 goals for the year 2012 (obviously). Inspired by Niki from Debt Free by Thirty (as well as many other people on the internet), I have decided to tackle 12 major things in this major year. I also love lists and had been without one for a bit as my Mission 101 is over and done with now, so I couldn’t resist the list.

So Part One is a pretty picture with my goals and my motto for the year. Part Two will explain why I chose the goals (some are self-explanatory…debt is no fun!) and the steps I need to take to achieve them.


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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it, and Happy New Year!

I’ll be back in the New Year with lots of updates. Life has been crazy in December and I’m still trying to get it sorted out. See you all then!

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My Day Yesterday

Can be summed up with this…

I ran after a Purolator truck because I had accidentally mailed the wrong documents. Literally, ran.


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Wedding Wednesday: Real Conversations

2 weeks after being engaged, driving in the car.

Me: Do you really care about our wedding colours, or can I just pick them?

Him: I don’t care. But what about silver?

Me: What about blue and yellow?

Him: What about blue, yellow and silver?

Me: I take it you really want silver.

Him: No, I don’t really care.


Last night, cuddling in bed.

Me: So what are we going to do for wedding colours?

Him: I thought we decided on silver.



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Life Lists and Goals

Yesterday, Meg on APW wrote an inspiring piece on life lists and crossing off important goals. I think I’ve mentioned many times before, I am a list writer through and through. Daily to do lists, 30 before 30 lists, 101 in 1001 lists, travel lists, clothes lists, Christmas lists (for others!), and many other kinds of lists I don’t want to bombard you with. I believe in the power of lists, for putting my goals into words and for visually keeping me on track – if it’s not crossed off, it still has to be done!

This point in particular really struck me: “For me, the darkest, scariest times in my adulthood have been when I had no idea what I wanted, not when I had no idea how to get what I wanted.” This is me, in a nutshell right at this moment.

Later this week I’ll write about my own goals and lists, what I have on the go and what I want to get going. For now, I’m 1) too exhausted to even write anything, so 2) it will come out all garbledy-gook. Instead for now, let’s look at some interesting points commenters made that stuck in my head.  Continue reading

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